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    Ever mesmerised by the Ocean and the Moon, we dive into the mystical and subconscious with powerful yet peaceful symbolism and emotive narratives. The beauty and magic of the Moon and the Ocean are inextricably linked, with the moon pulling the waves, and in turn, mother ocean cleansing and giving life. The Moon is a powerful symbol of Intuition, clarity and the Soul, and the ocean is a symbol of the collective subconscious, emotion and wisdom. With Goddess of the Ocean, Yemaya, as key inspiration, her intriguing symbols of a crescent moon, fan, water droplet, sun rays and shield are all featured throughout the collection. Intricately etched surface detailing from original illustrations and delicate granulation give a feel of ancient treasures from times past, and rich organic surfaces textures add a luxurious, yet modern edge.



    This beautiful pear shape London Blue Topaz ring is embellished with delicate granulation and has polished water droplet details flanking the 12x8mm gemstone. Choose from either the deeper navy denim-coloured London blue Topaz or the brighter, more vivid Swiss Blue Topaz. 


  • SIZE

    Width: 1.2cm Height: 1.7cm Width of band: 4mm



  • 18ct Yellow Gold Plated Silver, or Plain Sterling silver, 12x8mm London Blue Topaz or Swiss Blue Topaz



    Delivery: As every item is carefully hand made in my London Studio, delivery time takes up to 2 weeks.

    Each item is packaged in one of Annabelle's beautiful blue boxes with her embossed gold logo and comes complete with a care label.

Ocean Dream Ring

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